Thursday, July 23, 2009

Are you Ready for some Football?

Its been a while since our last post, but we are inching closer to the best time of the year, Football season and of course Draft Day. It should be once again another interest season in the NFL with some big name players on the move such as Terrell Owens, Matt Cassell, the return of Tom Brady and of course another fresh batch of rookies. Lets also not forget the possible return of Michael Vick, if you thought the Miami Dolphins were exciting to watch with Ronnie Brown running the Wildcat Offense I cant wait to see what team picks up Michael Vick to run it........

We will be posting within the next few days our rookie preview, sleepers and player ready to take the next step towards Fantasy stardom and those who should be filing their retirement papers like Tory Holt and Marvin Harrison.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fantasy Football Superbowl Week

Weather and Injuries will play a big factor in this weeks fantasy football superbowl. Cold weather, snow and Ice have hit the east cost and some nagging injuries are bothering some star players such as Marion Barber, Clinton Portis, Tony Romo, Anquan Boldin to name a few.

What do we do?? Do I use Tony Romo or Kurt Warner......

Making the right decision 100% of the time is almost impossible, but if you are still alive today you have probably done a pretty good job.

Be smart this week, stay away from the injured players and stay away from the east coast bad weather games.....GOOD LUCK.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fantasy Playoffs Just a Few Weeks Away

We are getting into crunch time in fantasy football leagues. The beauty of the NFL is that every week counts. Week 1 games are as important as week 10 and week 16. As we enter another big week, we are all left with tough decisions to make with regards to our starting lineup.

Who do you start??
Kurt Warner vs the Giants or Tony Romo vs the 49ers?

Ricky Williams or Amad Bradshaw

Amad Bradshaw or Leon Washington

Darren McFadden or anyone else in the league???

Suicide Pools
This week we liked the Steelers on Thursday night home for the Bengals, but we have not used the Dallas Cowboys who will be our top pick this week.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank You Sean Payton!!!

I would have loved to see Drew Brees get hurt in the final seconds of Sundays butt kicking vs the Atlanta Falcons. The Saints were down over 20 points with 5 seconds to play and instead of kneeling on the ball and putting an end to the misery they elected to throw a hail mary that was caught by Lance Moore for a TD.

In my fantasy league this was worth 16.8 points and I played against both Brees and Lance More and lost by 9 points.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If you could Change Your Fantasy Draft Picks......

We all love to look at our fantasy drafts and play the what if I drafted Chris Johnson over Larry Johnson, or Matt Ryan over Derek Anderson my team would have 3-4 more wins. Many of the fantasy studs over the past few years are nothing more than below average players. This list include Larry Johnson, L. Tomlinson, Hines Ward, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Braylon Edwards, Marvin Harrison, Tory Holt, Antonio Gates and Ryan Grant and even Darren McFadden who was likely selected over many of the other rookie running backs this year.

The new list of fantasy studs include Roddy White, Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Steve Slaton, Brandon Jacobs, Lance Moore, Donnie Avery and Kurt Warner. Its not to late to try to trade some of the "Big Name" players noted above to try to get your hands on some of these new studs.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fantasy Stinkers

Well after this week we find out who the true fantasy stinkers are. The injuries are starting to pile on as usually as I lost two of my running backs this week in Michael Pittman and Kolby Smith OUT FOR THE SEASON. My other running backs, Larry Johnson SUSPENDED, the other Darren McFadden has turf "toes" and basically has done nothing this year.

The Dallas Cowboys "STINK" They put together a "Jim Mora" performance on Sunday vs the Giants. The game was over before it started and the Cowboys will really regret trading their entire draft for Roy Williams when the lions are picking in the top 10 because the Boys are in serious trouble with a tough schedule remaining. They are the perfect example of why any other team even thinking about doing the HBO sports special "Hard Knocks" DONT DO IT. As entertaining as it is, it is like the Madden Football Game Jinx!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mid Season Fantasy Awards

Most Valuable Player: Drew Brees
This is an easy one as Brees has been consistent each week with 300 yard games and multiple touchdowns. Move over Peyton Manning as Brees has passed him and Tom Brady due to injury as the top QB.

Most Valuable Non-QB: Clinton Portis
No Tomlinson, No Adrian Peterson, No Randy Moss, No Terrell Ownes, No Braylon Edwards, they all have "stunk" through the first half of the season. Portis has had 100 yard games and TDs and has been a solid performer week to week. It may even be time to think about trading him at his high as he is getting up there in age and his value is at an all time high.

Rookie of the Year: Chris Johnson
Another easy choice, many would have picked Darren McFadden or Jonathan Stewart, but Chris Johnson will be a first round draft pick in all leagues next season and looks like the real deal fantasy stud. Honorable Mention goes to Matt Ryan and Matt Forte.

Biggest Surprise Fantasy Player: Roddy White
Its rare that a team with a rookie QB puts up the stats on a consistent basis as Roddy White has, but again scored a TD this week and has been a solid performer all season. He is this years version of Braylon Edwards who scores every week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week In Review

Well this week was another roller coaster ride for fantasy owners. Drew Breese and Kurt Warner continue to lead the way among quarterbacks, but finally after 8 games Peyton Manning finally decided to show up and contribute with two passing and one rushing TD this week.

Chris Johnson continues to excel as the top rookie and solid running back, while the first rb selected in the NFL Draft Darren McFadden continues to sit with turf toe and is just about useless.

I am a Derek Anderson owner and I can't wait until the Browns bench this guy and get the Brady Quinn era going. It is time to start to pick up some of these players who may still be on your leagues free agent lists.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

4 for 4 on Suicide Picks this week

Based on "The Rules" of Suicide Pool picking, our picks were 100% correct this week.
*Patriots defeated the Rams
*Philly defeated the Falcons and Roddy White
*Jets defeated the Chiefs
*Houston up 28 points on the Bengals

Look for our suicide picks next week.

Rangers Tie Game with 8 Seconds to Play and Win in Shootout

The New York Rangers tied the game last night with 8 seconds to play before going on to win in a shootout.

What am I talking about you ask??? NHL HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!

Should you trade Randy Moss for Clinton Portis?